Script Consulting

Script Consulting


If you’re an independent filmmaker, I will help you get your screenplay into shooting shape ASAP. 

Your budget is low so my script consulting rates are reasonable. Spare yourself the angst, embarrassment, and cost of going prematurely into production with a half-baked screenplay because…

A) You can’t “fix it in post.”

B) It’s possible to make a bad movie from a good script but impossible to make a good movie from a bad script.

As a writer-director fresh off my second feature film, I’ve experienced, firsthand, the alchemy of bringing a story to life (often in ways I couldn’t anticipate). Sharing the value of my experience with colleagues like you is a dividend of being an independent filmmaker. If you’re committed to making your film, then commit to making your story filmworthy first.

Let’s Discuss Your Film

Click below to schedule a free 15-minute session to assess your project and how we might take it from draft-to-device and script-to-screen.