story consulting

Story Consulting

Let’s bring your narrative projects to life.

From script-to-screen and draft-to-device, my story consulting practice combines a proven creative process and strategic tools to provide the inspiration and the skills necessary to reach your creative goals.

Together, we can:

  • Start or finish a major creative project — your novel, your screenplay, your epic poetry cycle.
  • Overcome your creative blocks — using my Labyrinth Method™ to unlock useable ideas.
  • Enjoy productive creative work sessionsAnd actually make your deadline (Wait, you don’t have one?!).

We work in-person or via phone/online at regular intervals in a process tailored to your individual needs and talents.

Why work with me?

From hundreds of bylines, three books, epic art events, and a couple of feature films — I get my projects DONE. And I take tremendous joy and satisfaction in helping creative people get their beloved projects out of their heads and into the world.

Ready to talk about your story consulting needs?

Schedule a Free 15-minute Creative Chat to explore how we’ll bring your project to the finish line.

“…A charismatic, cut-to-the-chase speaker who can pack so much useful information into his talk while simultaneously engaging and entertaining his audience. Everyone leaves feeling educated, inspired, and like their time was well spent.

— Natasha Juliana, WORK Petaluma