I’m Daedalus Howell, a San Francisco Bay Area journalist (editor, Pacific Sun, Bohemian) and author-auteur (writer, Quantum Deadline, director, Pill Head). Currently, on assignment penning a mystery series that promises entertaining enigmas and mordant wit more trenchant than a trenchcoat (ironically, the least trenchant outerwear). Sign up for my latest bylines and exclusive off the record content!

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Praise for the film Pill Head

“…Satirically off-the-wall…” — Press Democrat

Praise for the novel Quantum Deadline

“A wonderful blend of mystery, science fiction and dark comedy that keeps readers from putting the story down.” – SciFi Bloggers

Recent Posts

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    This time of year many Gen X parents are making nostalgia-driven searches for A Charlie Brown Christmas, the animated special from 1965 that set the standard for producing seasonal affective disorder in children (FYI, it’s available on Apple TV+). If you happen to make it through the melancholic ode to holiday disillusionment […]
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    Remember when Nirvana played live on MTV Unplugged, but bassist Krist Novoselic looked like he was playing an electric bass? Yeah, that irked me too—for the past 27 years. I finally looked it up today—the internet is still a marvel in this regard—and learned Novoselic was actually playing a Guild B3OE semi-acoustic […]
  • Cine-meh: Small-screen Blues
    TV is not really TV anymore. It’s more like a video jukebox fed by the internet. It’s also one of the few remaining platforms on the internet that we can talk back to and only annoy the person next to us. Anything else shared online could get us digitally dogpiled, so do […]